Marci Mitchell - has a new disc, featuring some new tunes, that is real great to listen to at high volume! We love it and you will too. Marci had this to say about her new disk "I am so proud to announce that my mini-cd is finally in my hot little hands and I would love to get it in yours! Please e-mail if you are interested and we'll get one to you for only $10.00! There are three new songs included:"11:59 Freeze Time", "Lovers to Friends", and "A Girl Like Me". E-mail Marci at

The Zutons - Tired Of Hanging Around CD - The sophomore album from the popular Mercury Prize Nominated band was produced by Stephen Street (The Smiths, Kaiser Chiefs). Having become one of the UK 'S most popular live acts, The Zutons strike back with a slightly more serious affair on Tired Of Hanging Around. Filled with songs that show inspiration from personal experiences, the album showcases the heavier, beefier sound of the new Zutons, but is still founded in the percolating soul-rock that made them famous. Still energetic, and certainly still musically explosive, The Zutons are sure to continue their worldwide success with this brilliant disc.

Berlin Drop - Red Metal, is alive and well! Ok the CD is available, and rockin'! You can get the new CD by contacting Berlin Drop at Berlin Drop's new CD "Red Metal" supersedes the limits for rock music in Vernon County. The band dropped the CD to fans on Halloween night just a few months ago. Since the release heads have been turning, and fans unite in celebration of the new music now available. So much has changed since their first CD release, including new drummer Zac, and the loss of Bassist Josh Smith, though Josh does make some mandatory appearances on the CD. The band returned to it's roots, as a three piece band for the second time in their career with Aaron Rorabaugh moving from guitar to bass to fill the empty slot live, though he makes no appearance as bassist on the CD. The bass boots were filled primarily by Nathan (mastermind) Rorabaugh, and special appearances by ex-bassist Josh Smith. The CD is full of overlayed guitars, and cleverly orchestrated arrangements. This CD can be compared to old school Metallica, Megadeth, and Merciful Fate, and definitely infueanced by Pink Floyd. I highly recommend putting this CD in your local music collection, and enjoy the soon to be lawsuit collectable CD, just kidding I don't really think the Floyd will sue! I would encourage you to request Berlin Drop every day for a year at these great stations: Blacket at B 100.7, and Apology at 99.1 Rock Revolution. Also visit Berlin Drop online at WWW.BERLINDROP.COM

Presidents of the United States of America - Love Everybody,
has been a mainstay n my CD player since the first day I bought it. This one needs to be bought right now! If there is one thing that every music lover needs in his or her collection it is at least one Presidents CD. This one is the one, get it now! The guitar hooks are cool, the lyrics are great, and the songs our just outstanding! I love every drum lick on every song, and it is not just because the title is love everybody. The dynamics are supreme, to the max, and the melody screams sing along! I can't only play this CD once when I push play, I have to hear it at least twice, (time permitting) I hear it all the way through as may times as I can in a week! Trust me I am not just completely out of my mind, this CD is great!

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