• This year Music on the Square 2017 (7th Annual) will be
    only the First Thursday of the month (and the 5th if there
    is one) so lets all make it a big atendance each week on
    the square this year!!!!
    There will be something almost each week but it moves around via three events..... Music on the square,
    Music on the Move and Music at the winery - events are 6-8pm
    We have awesome performers to make this a success this year......
    Music on the Square 2017 1st Thursday Each month (and 5th if there is one) May through September
    Thursday, May 4 - Paula Newman and Friends
    Thursday, June 1 – Tim Wells
    Thursday, June 29 – Paula Gray and Alexa Britz
    Thurs., July 6 – Alexa Britz and Cassie Moorhouse
    Thursday August 3 - Paula Newman and Friends
    Thursday August 31 – David Moses Byerly
    Thursday September 7 - Matthew Harper