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FREE Musicians Flea Market & Swap Meet

May 20, 2011

FREE Musician’s Flea Market & Swap meet
Saturday July , 30th - 10:00 am - 6:00 pm
Parking lot of Butler Music at 103 W. Dakota St.
In downtown Butler , Missouri.

There will be a live band, a jam session , a live radio
Remote from KMOE radio, free water and soft drinks,
Product demos , and a special one day only sale at the
Music store.

If you have any musical items to sell you can set up a
Table in our large paved parking lot ABSOLUTELY FREE And sell , trade or buy just about anything you want. We will also have one of the nation’s most knowledgeable Vintage guitar experts there to evaluate or make a CASH OFFER On any old instruments you have.

There are NO STRINGS ATTACHED. You can set up
ABSOLUTELY FREE , there is no admission charge ,
The entertainment is free , there will be several drawings for Free gifts , there will be guitar teachers on hand to give FREE Mini lessons , all water and soft drinks are FREE , evaluation Of your vintage instruments is free , and your host “BUTLER
MUSIC” will be having a huge sale with many great musical Items on sale for as much as 70% off , and they will also have A FLEA MARKET style booth in the parking lot selling returns, Closeouts and scratch and dent items.

If you have any instruments to sell you can set up FREE. If you have a band you can set up FREE and even play a Couple songs on our outdoor stage and promote your band. If you have a DJ service you can promote it for FREE. If you have a Karaoke service you can promote it for FREE.

We are even looking for a few folks to sell something like food, Funnel Cakes, Ice Cream, or? Call us in advance to set That up because we don’t want more than a couple food Vendors.

For more information or to pre-register just call Butler Music At (660) 679-3500.

This will be advertised on radio, Facebook, Twitter, in our Store, at local Jams , with flyers, and hopefully with lots of Word of mouth. Drive out to the country and have some fun for FREE. We hope to see you there.



April 19, 2011



Concert? What Concert? Doug Heady, Easter Bunny, and the Zantar Belly Dancing Troop steal the show! The Nevada Missouri City Wide Shopping Day began at 9am with a brisk overcast morning and traffic slim in the downtown area, 9:30 shoppers were cruising by and by eleven am things were happening. There was a twenty-minute wait to see the Easter Bunny at Belles & Beaus. Interior Motives had shoppers waiting to get inside before they opened....

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April 4, 2011
It's an all day experience in fabulous Nevada Missouri! Experience Shopping, Art, Dining, Entertainment and more! Throughout the day and into the evening this all begins as early as 9am Saturday April 16, 2011, and some night life events will carry on late until 1am the next morning!

Since people's lives are so fast paced, and there is so much to see, hear, taste, and do in your day, so I'll

Simplify the roll out of what to do and where to be throughout the day of April 16, 2011 for the N...

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March 21, 2011
Saturday April 16, 2011 Not Just Another Day in Nevada, Missouri

The community is embracing this day, April 16, 2011, city wide across Nevada, Missouri, by an un-contested vote of participation and declaring it the “City Wide Shopping Day”. The most exciting part is that the this BIG event “City Wide Shopping Day” will not be the only BIG event in town that day! It is a real chance to experience Nevada to it's full potential and experience SHOPPING, DINING, ART, and ENTERTAINMENT ...

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The Sun Went Down and the Music Turned Up!

March 8, 2010
By: T.J. Hudson

As the sun went down over the Nevada square, it was time for a night of music and mayhem at the Comedy Tonight Theater. Fans began showing up around seven-thirty on Friday evening March fifth, two thousand and ten. Four groups were scheduled to perform live along with an all star cast of supporting crew members. The new stage hosted music by the area bands Fraught with Peril from Lamar Missouri, Electra City from Butler Missouri, Alamo Black featuring: Nathan Rorabaugh from Nev...

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“Laid Back and Mellow” A Unique Concert Event.

March 8, 2010

Comedy Tonight Theater and Local Ear Web Page Host “Laid Back and Mellow” A Unique Concert Event.

By: T.J. Hudson

The sounds of mellow music made the night of nearly fifty music fans on March 6, 2010, at the Comedy Tonight Theater on the Nevada square. Though there were only forty-six patrons inside the Theater there were also a host of twelve performers, and three crew members, as well as a hand full of folks chilling outside visiting with friends and just stopping by when walking the ...

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My review of the show

February 8, 2010
It was a good feeling to get to rock out on a half stack like the good old days. The guys were really feeling good about the set and we all put forth an honest effort to rock. The crowd was slow but they received us well, and seemed to be jamming along good, and stuck it out through all three sets that we played, as there was no opener it was just us, Hollywood Adventure that night at the Comedy Tonight Theater on the Nevada square on Saturday, February sixth. I felt like it was a great way t...
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The Show Must Go On!

February 1, 2010

Even with a snow covered roadway the show must go on. The lights danced in front of the Comedy Tonight Theater on a cloud covered, frosted evening Saturday January 30, 2010. While a few cars drove slowly by looking to see what was happening on the Nevada square that night, many more stopped to see the action. Two performers were set to perform that night, Alamo Black a duo consisting of Nathan Rorabaugh, Nevada Missouri, and Clinton Houseman, Springfield MO, and Matthew Harper a solo singer ...

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Quotes & Notes, Reviews & News!

January 25, 2010

A bustle began on the Nevada, Missouri square at about seven thirty-five pm on Saturday January twenty-third, two thousand and ten. A new theater has opened it's doors. Comedy Tonight is a clever name since some people think it's funny, and that the theater wont last very long. If only the truth was known. The theater quickly expanded it's way of life after its first production. Music was added to the mix of comedy, drama, and theater that everyone enjoys each time the doors are opened, and t...

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Lamar RockFest Review

January 17, 2010

About a week ago a message was sent out on Facebook announcing that a concert called the Lamar RockFest was to be held at the Lamar Memorial Hall, in Lamar Missouri. What? A single word sentence was exactly the first thing that came out of many residents mouths when they read the content of the post. The most alarming part was that the post was true; a RockFest would be coming to the Lamar Memorial Hall.

On the evening of Friday January 15, 2010 the Memorial Hall was transformed into a rock co...

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