A bustle began on the Nevada, Missouri square at about seven thirty-five pm on Saturday January twenty-third, two thousand and ten. A new theater has opened it's doors. Comedy Tonight is a clever name since some people think it's funny, and that the theater wont last very long. If only the truth was known. The theater quickly expanded it's way of life after its first production. Music was added to the mix of comedy, drama, and theater that everyone enjoys each time the doors are opened, and the stage lights turned on. The crowd attendance is up fifty-seven percent already from the first musical production that was hosted just a few short weeks ago. Already patrons are talking and this is what they are saying about the last musical production featuring: Acoustic Doug (Dangerous Doug Harper), and Down n' Out (David Byerly, Drew Bauer, and Aaron Rorabaugh) that brought in a small but enthusiastic crowd of music loving patrons to the theater.

“O-Mazing!” Britney Baily (Nevada, MO) said when referring to the event as a whole.

“Doug looks like Weezer, and Dave broke out the mandolin!” Kevin Jaynes (Ft. Scott, KS) said when ask what he liked about the January twenty-third show.

“Awesome mando Dave! The band was awesome, I would love to be apart of it!” Ritchie Stanfield (Nevada, MO) proclaimed after the set.

“Chief Dougie was a good band!” Bobby Bitner (Nevada, MO) announced proudly shortly after he arrived.

You guys kicked ass” Amber Ship (Nevada, MO) shared with love for the performers in her heart.

“Rockin' at guitar solos” Ashley Seay (Nevada, MO) Said sweetly.

“Only Moses can play a shred solo on the mandolin, with distortion and wah, and live to tell about it!” Brice Leonard (Nevada, MO) stated proudly.

“Down n' Out Rocks!!!” Jeremy Wiltsz (Ft. Scott, KS) shouted with great enthusiasm.

“Rockin' in the Free World Rocked!” Amy Hames claimed.

“You Guys Totally Rocked!” Amber H. said when asked about the event.

“You guys are all stupendous” L.B. Told us proudly.

“...Oh, and I loved the hair!” Amy Hames added later.

“Absolutely astonishing, it's nice to hear talent, and see some good looking faces! Aaron love the hair!” - Anonymous wrote down in the guest book.

“The band sounded great! It was good to see Aaron play drums again! Good luck in Columbia!” Tami Holcomb also wrote in the guest book.

“It was like a deadly combination of Boris Pickett and the Bacon Brothers. Actually... It was nothing like that, but it did rock my face off!” David Marshall Ryan commented.

“Distorted mando; wah wah mando; how inventive, never stopped rockin'” Matthew Harper added to the guest book.

“Bad ass show all the way!” Jacqui Jones said just before leaving the theater.

And finally just before closing the guest book up and striking the stage, theater owner Tony Wagoner added his thoughts down on paper as well. “Down n' Out rose to the occasion!!” The audience was electrified as much if not more that the musicians were that night. The Comedy Tonight Theater is well on it's way to a great success with more shows and events just around the corner on the Nevada, Missouri square.