Even with a snow covered roadway the show must go on. The lights danced in front of the Comedy Tonight Theater on a cloud covered, frosted evening Saturday January 30, 2010. While a few cars drove slowly by looking to see what was happening on the Nevada square that night, many more stopped to see the action. Two performers were set to perform that night, Alamo Black a duo consisting of Nathan Rorabaugh, Nevada Missouri, and Clinton Houseman, Springfield MO, and Matthew Harper a solo singer songwriter from Nevada, Missouri also. Music fans seated themselves in the new cozy padded chairs at the theater, and were ready for some music, as the last minute sound system adjustments were made. Then, the overhead lights went dark. The stage was warmly lit by four colored stage lights. Matthew Harper was the first to perform. Smooth strums on the guitar mixed with commanding vocals, made way for a later performance on the harmonica, and a few songs were also played on an electric guitar covered with vintage sixties sounding fuzz tones. The nineteen music fans in the theater seemed to be taken away on a journey to times past with Matthew's stories, sounds, and songs. Next was the Alamo Black duo. The duo allowed longtime friend, Indian Bob Bittner to join them on stage for one song before their set began. Bob was a crowd pleaser, with his Elvis like moves and his chant sounding vocals. Now Alamo Black was underway, their set included several of their new songs quickly taking fans by storm on Myspace, and new fans were given free three song demos after the set. The one electric and one acoustic sound melted together nicely with cool double guitar parts and friendly solos from Clinton. All and all the night was a success even though the crowd was down a bit most likely caused by the bad weather, but the show went on and this is what the folks that were there had to say...

“Everything sounded wonderful tonight! I loved the Lady GaGa cover!” - Mandy Gerster

“Live music on the Nevada, MO square on Saturday night, I loved it! Sorry I missed Matt, but Nathan was very good...love his originals!” - Lorrie Divine

“Really liked Alamo Black's new song “You can have it all”, everyone should go to Myspace and check it out!” - Tami Holcomb

“Yay” - Whitney Mosher

“Always entertaining” - Andy, and Kelli Brannan

“Great job by Nate and Clinton! How much more black can it get? The answer is “Alamo” Alamo Black. Sorry I missed Matt's set.” - Ryan Wallace

“The Christian Comedy Theater just keeps getting better, and better, plays, and music, it's great for our town” - Matthew Harper

“Happy and grateful for a new music venue. Great music, great friends, great night. I was craving a donut.” - Dan Divine

“Comedy Tonight Theater, keeping the music scene alive! Matthew Harper, Nathan Rorabaugh, Indian Bob, and Clinton, entertaining all night!” - Kevin Jaynes

“Fun time out! Great talent at a local scene. Interesting, and entertaining!! Keep it up!!” - Teresa Harper

“Great acoustic sets I enjoyed it all, great local talent!” - David Rorabaugh

“Had a great time, great people, great music!” - Nathan Conley

“Awesome guitar parts!” - Dangerous Doug Harper

“This is giving me a warm feeling” - Tony Wagner