By: T.J. Hudson

As the sun went down over the Nevada square, it was time for a night of music and mayhem at the Comedy Tonight Theater. Fans began showing up around seven-thirty on Friday evening March fifth, two thousand and ten. Four groups were scheduled to perform live along with an all star cast of supporting crew members. The new stage hosted music by the area bands Fraught with Peril from Lamar Missouri, Electra City from Butler Missouri, Alamo Black featuring: Nathan Rorabaugh from Nevada, Missouri, and Clinton Houseman from Springfield, Missouri, and also included two special performances from Recess On a Field Trip, with Parker Richardson from Nevada, Missouri, and two brothers from El Dorado Springs, Missouri, Russell, and David Henley. Nathan Rorabaugh was the event M.C. That night, and Tony Wagoner, Comedy Tonight Theater Executive Director was on sight to chaperoned the event. Among other volunteers that helped out to make the night a great success was Nathan Conley, and Dangerous Doug Harper who loaded in a five-thousand dollar light set up, and then were light technicians for the evening. Last but not least was “Little” Cody Reed, and the driving sound system that he operated to make the fans not only able to hear, but also able to feel the music. What a night it was full of a downtown experience like Nevada has not seen in years. By eight-o-clock there were nearly ninety fans inside and out of the Theater cheering the bands on, and throwing hands in the air chanting lyrics to the songs, all the while the bass drum was pounding, and the lights flashing in the same fashion as a chaotic color sea would ripple and wave. It was an eventful evening full of rocking sounds from the region, full of original and independent music for area music fans listening enjoyment.