Movie-Music Mix

"White Batman"

By: Dangerous Doug Harper

Some times things that don't seem to have anything in common, end up surprising us all. As for instance if you were in a casual conversation you would probably not talk about Batman, and the Beatles, in the same sentence, although something of this magnitude could occur, as it did for me. Though it was not in conversation, it was quite possible that I was having trouble winding down after seeing some great live music. On the other hand I think it was more of a miracle. Berlin Drop and Media Frenzy were playing at a most unlikely place, so I was out of sorts anyway, as I left from the Days Inn conference room after the show. I was craving a Big Mac and it was then that I remembered those lights; they sometimes have at McDonalds restaurants that shine up in the sky like the bat-signal. This prompted me to want to watch the movie Batman when I got home. I started the movie and noticed Kim Basingers name when it faded onto the screen. That was when the real connection first came; it just hit me like lightning, how that Kim is clearly a Sexy Sadie! The album was white, the bat was black, and it was like a photonegative pointing to the true positive.


Disc two of the Beatles White Album is full of darker songs for the band, as Batman was a darker roll for Michael Keton. If you play the disc while watching the movie Batman, the joker card is shown when "Helter Skelter" starts, and all sorts of other cool-ness will un-fold. What a great album, anyways but during the move-music mix it is even better. This movie has great characters, with action, and suspense, leaving a new Batman legacy for years to come. Of course my favorite part is when the song "Revolution 9" plays, that is just a crazy song anyways, and it gets even more crazy when mixed with the movie Batman. The song plays when you see the Joker for the first time.


Even though this movie-music mix most likely will not surpass its predecessors it is one of my favorites. To set up this unique playing of the Batman movie, you must play the movie until just after the very first Warner Brothers logo fades off the screen. You will then pause the film, just before the screen goes to black. There will be clouds on the screen, but the logo has faded out. Now you must set your CD player on repeat all with the Beatles White album Disc two in your CD player. Mute your TV, and then un-pause them at the same time. Sit back and enjoy "White Batman".