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 In 2001 the N.L.M.B. (Nevada's Local Music Buzz) webpage expanded it's Local Ear Web-Zine into wide spread printed zine in the Nevada/Vernon County and surrounding areas.


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 2008 Music Fair & Concert Announced ā€“ June 2008

By: Local Ear Staff Writer


Local Ear is hosting the Local Ear Music Fair. It will be held on August 30, 2008. We have six spaces available for musicians from the area to promote their music. Promotion that we will be using is not a band performance, but it is worthy of your attention. Meet and greet type of promotions are fearlessly used by major labels, and now by us, so what you as a bands or artists will be involved in is a basic merchandise table set up. You can bring acoustic guitars, but you will be primarily shaking hands, and meeting potential new fans of your music. As an exhibitor you will also be able to sell merchandise, tell stories about your experiences, and make an impact on attendance at your live shows in the area by generating new fans at this event.


For more info and/or to reserve your space please contact:

Doug Harper - 417.684.1732 -  localear@yahoo.com - myspace.com/localear

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Three guys, three vocalists, three guitars - June 2008 

by Marcia Bozarth


Just can't get any better than that. Forming the group dubbed The Acoustic Caravan Jam are Doug and Matthew Harper, Nevada, and Ryan Wallace (recently returning to Nevada from Chicago, Ill.). They jam together with cool harmonies, awesome guitar licks and a lot of good songs from Cash to the Beatles, to the blues.

Doug Harper, is an eclectic performer, well-known around the area and beyond, performing in solo shows as Dangerous Doug, The Just Harper Duo, with various area bands and is the awesome base player for The Marci Mitchell Band. From serious songs, to some funny and a lot of just all-around entertaining music, Harper is a real crowd-pleaser.

Matthew Harper's influences are deeply rooted in folk, gospel, classic country and blues. He admits to being a folkie at heart, as well as Doug's brother. Matthew also is a talented songwriter. Some of his favorite songwriters include Townse Van Zandt, Guy Clark, Steve Earle, Kris Kristofferson and Paul Simon. Let's not forget Bob Dylan and Woody Guthrie.

Ryan Wallace previously worked with the rock band Levee. He recorded and toured as the bass guitar player, but also is a very fluent guitarist, and will be showcasing his acoustic guitar and vocal talents with the Acoustic Caravan Jam.

This group is a bundle of talent with Dylan-type folk harmonica, vocal harmonies and rockin' guitar, as well as original music composed by both Doug and Matthew. They will be at Capone's Italian Eatery and Lounge at 8 p.m. Saturday, June 7, to perform for free during the dinner hours. This is an excellent opportunity for people to see the great talent our area has to offer. The show will be family-friendly, free and a lot of fun.


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First Vernon County Guitar Solo Contest Winner - May 2008

By: Ed Randal


Tuesday night at the Shooters Restaurant in Nevada was not unlike any other weeknight, until the guitar solo competitors arrived. Jennifer Herdliska, David Byerly, Justin Larkin, and Kyle Norberry all signed up to compete for the cash prize, guitar strings, magazine supplements from Guitar World, and recording time from Jason Moomaw Recordings. The event was co-sponsored by Local Ear, Shooters, & Guitar World magazine, and judged by Oscar Nikodim (area guitarist for Crazy Julie and CRS Band), Randy Akres (Little Elves owner, and guitarist and vocalist), and Tony Carnes (drummer from Tulsa, OK). The official timekeeper was Kevin Jaynes (of Ft. Scott KS). The soloists were given one minute to perform their unique solo for the judges, and audience (who also got a vote). The 1st place was awarded to Kyle Norberry (area teenage guitarist with a gift for riffs) Kyle has also recently been signed with a Kansas City Production Company, that will use his guitar talents on recordings, and live productions. 2nd place was awarded to Jennifer Herdliska (area singer/songwriter/guitarist with a powerful voice). The 3rd place was awarded to David Byerly (Nevada resident from the band Down nā€™ Out). A consolation prize (2 sets of guitar strings) awarded to each participant, and the grand prize presented to Kyle Norberry. All in attendance agreed that great musical achievements would come from each of the participants.

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