Zombie X-terminators

Episode 14 


What a great episode! Film maker Chris Stewart gets a Hollywood interview on the show all about the Zombie X-terminator movie! Look out it's way fun and exciting with music by...  Veritas de Gloria, David Allan Coe, and show host Dangerous Doug Harper.

Local Ear "On-Air" Radio Show

Episode 14

Aired on April 6, 2009

on KESM radio 105.5 FM
El Dorado Springs Missouri

at 10:05 pm

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"Zombie X-Terminators"

Chris Stewart

"The Beach" - Dangerous Doug Harper & Hollywood Adventure
"End of the Line" Veritas de Gloria
"You Never Even Called Me by My Name" - David Allan Coe

Say What Interview w/ Chris Stewart
Flush It - Inspired by: Herdliska and Sons Plumbing INC.
Literally Thinking & Book of the Week - Inspired by: Cavener's
Food For Thought - Inspired by: Cherry Street Grill
Cover Up of the Week - Inspired by Inky Capone's

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