Local Ear Music

 The 7th Annual (2009) Local Ear Reader Choice Awards were held at Shooters in Nevada, Missouri and hosted by Jennifer Herdliska.




Artist or Band of the Year: Withird-I


Musician of the Year: Kyle Norbury


Hall of Fame:

Joe Willis, Dan Dickey, Jeremy Smith

David Allan Coe Concert, TDT Shooters Contest Winners

(Worba, Half a Mind, Withard-I, and Kim on Top)

Male Vocalist of the Year: Jesse Akres


Female Vocalist of the Year: Brooke Barber


Guitarist of the Year: Kyle Norburry


Bassist of the Year: Paul Haney


Drummer of the Year: Willie McInroy


Keyboardist of the Year: Dan Keller


Multi-Player Award: Cody Reed


Horn / Harp / Etc.: Terry Stanley


Best Album or Demo: Withird-I


Favorite Live Band: Tie: Withird-I, and Kim on Top


Best New Act: Withard-I


Favorite Blues, Jazz or RnB: Shaded Abe


Favorite Country: Eric Lane and Doghouse


Favorite Rock: Withard-I


Favorite Folk: Matthew Harper


Favorite Americana: Wildflowers


Actor: Kevin Jaynes


Actress: No winner this year


Poet: Dan Divine


Singer/Songwriter: Jesse Akres


Solo Artist: Dangerous Doug Harper


Favorite Duo: Kyle Norbury & Paul Haney


Soundman: Cody Reed


Producer / Engineer: Jason Moomaw


Keeping the Music Scene Alive: Withird-I


Favorite Venue: Shooters


Favorite Radio Personality: Dangerous Doug Harper


Promoter of the Year: Tie: Jim Killroy & Dangerous Doug Harper


Most enthusiastic: Bobby Bitner

Hero of the Year: Bobby Bitner

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