Local Ear Music

The Big Friends Jam

at Backroads Steakhouse

 "Every Tuesday night musicians unite for a energy filled jam session and open mic night!"


 Backroads Steakhouse is a laid back restaurant with a full bar available, an off the beaten path getaway spot. Backroads is a place where everyone quickly becomes your friend, and where a great staff of servers will greet you with a smile, and go the extra mile to make your visit a one of a kind, and wonderful experience. With warm hometown conversation, and a mid-western uptown feel, from cowboys to contractors, welders, or businessmen, and just common folk young and old all find something they love at Backroads Steakhouse. It's a place to rest, a place to celebrate, a place to wind down, and a place to find entertainment. Live music, darts, pool tables, a video game and a jukebox all find a home in the east dinning room for your enjoyment while you visit, and eat, or just stop in for a social drink with friends. Bar seating and comfortable arm chairs at round tables are available to be seated at in the sports bar room with three big screen televisions, and a cozy fireplace or you can relax in the west room that is a non-smoking dinning room available with table or booth seating, and a big screen television as well. You will enjoy Backroads Steakhouse open Tuesday – Saturday, operating hours vary by season.
Call ahead or just stop by located ¾ of a mile South on South Barrett Street, behind Wal-Mart fabulous Nevada, Missouri, 417-667-4455.


 East Room Live

 "The Backroads East Room is a host to special music, D.J.'s and bands"

"Receptions, pool tables, darts, meetings, and so much more fun throughout the week!"

"The fun begins in the east room of the restaurant!"




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